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Commercial Industrial Boilers

Hot Water Boilers

Similar to residential hot water boilers, these are prevalent in many commercial buildings. They offer efficient heating through hot water circulated to baseboard heaters, radiators, or radiant floor systems.

Steam Boilers

Still used in some commercial settings, particularly older buildings, steam boilers function similarly to residential steam boilers, generating steam for heat distribution through pipes.

High-Pressure Boilers

These powerful boilers are designed for larger commercial buildings and can produce steam at higher pressures than standard boilers. The high-pressure steam can be used for various applications beyond heating, including powering equipment or sterilization processes.

Condensing Boilers

A more recent technology, condensing boilers are becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings due to their high efficiency. They capture heat from flue gases that would otherwise be wasted in traditional boilers, resulting in significant energy savings.

Electric Boilers

While less common due to higher operating costs, electric boilers can be an option for certain commercial applications. They’re generally used in smaller buildings or situations where natural gas or fuel oil isn’t readily available.

Here are some additional factors to consider when discussing commercial boilers in NYC:

  • Building Size and Heating Needs: The size and heating requirements of the commercial building will significantly influence the boiler type chosen. Larger buildings might necessitate high-pressure boilers, while smaller spaces might function well with hot water or electric boilers.
  • Fuel Availability and Cost: Natural gas is the most common fuel source for commercial boilers in NYC due to its affordability and infrastructure. However, fuel oil boilers can still be found in some buildings, and electric boilers offer an alternative where gas isn’t available.
  • System Efficiency: With increasing energy costs and a focus on sustainability, building owners are opting for more efficient boiler options like condensing boilers.
  • Maintenance Needs: The complexity and maintenance requirements of different boiler types can influence the choice. While hot water boilers generally require less maintenance than steam boilers, newer condensing boilers might have specific maintenance needs.


It’s important to note that this isn’t an exhaustive list, and specialized boiler types might be used in specific commercial applications.  Contact A&C Heating Services to help determine the best fit for your commercial property. 

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